Meet Darci Monet of Darci Monet Vocal Style Studio


As a highly-trained professional vocalist for nearly four decades, Darci Monet has been privileged with many opportunities to sing in the studio and on stage with major music icons like Dolly Parton, Steve Winwood, Amy Grant, The Judds and more. She is the voice you hear singing "The Rose" in the smash 2004 indie film "Napoleon Dynamite" and harmonizing with Robin Sparkles in "How I Met Your Mother." Early in her career, she was known as a "one-take wonder." But due to unresolved childhood trauma that imprinted limiting beliefs upon her identity, she never reached her own dream of becoming a world-renowned recording artist/media personality. The sense of failure led her to withdraw from music and life in general for a period of years.

After several years doing the difficult ongoing work to heal her past, she is now an Intuitive Voice and Mindset Transformation Specialist for Performing Artists (in short, a voice and mindset coach!). She employs her own Tech and Truth Vocal Method™, extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry, personal growth experience and her empathic and intuitive abilities to mentor exceptionally talented vocalists seeking a professional career path in the arts. She not only guides them in fine-tuning their vocal technique and performance skills, but helps them "sing past" any of their own limiting beliefs that may keep them from reaching their own full potential.

Darci Monet Vocal Style Studio is located in Valley Glen, CA and she offers private coaching sessions for ages ten and up. Please visit for details and contact information.